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Protecting the Rights and Interests of Business Owners and Entrepreneurs Across California

Running a business is no small feat. Whether you are just starting up a new venture or are a seasoned business owner, there are several tasks and considerations that must be undertaken on a daily basis to ensure your company runs smoothly. Legal obstacles may arise, which may hinder your business’s operations and affect your bottom line. You may also be faced with a decision to merge your brand with another or to acquire a completely new corporation altogether.

Kevin Jamison Law, PC can provide you with the experienced legal services you need to ensure your business goals and objectives are fully met. KJ Law’s team can guide you through the crucial steps for establishing a start-up company, provide you with valuable insight when drafting or negotiating the terms of a contract and, if need be, litigate on your behalf to protect the integrity of your brand. 

Our California business lawyers can assist you with a range of corporate and entrepreneurial matters, including:

  • Contract Drafting & Negotiation: Business contracts are complex agreements. If drafted properly, they can secure the prosperity of your venture. However, if the terms of a contract are flawed and overlooked, a business can lose thousands – if not millions – of dollars and possibly end up in a lengthy legal battle. KJ Law’s team helps business owners create, review and negotiate the terms of a corporate contract to protect their rights and ensure transactions run smoothly.
  • Mergers & Acquisitions: Much is at stake when you choose to merge with another company or acquire a new corporation. Our firm represents businesses of all sizes in M&A deals, thoroughly reviewing contract terms, proposed costs and anticipating potential complications to minimize issues that can stall or prevent the merger or acquisition from taking place.
  • Franchising & Licensing: If you are considering a franchising or licensing opportunity to grow your business or to kickstart an entrepreneurial venture, or are contemplating selling an existing franchise, state and federal laws, trademarks, non-compete agreements and general structuring requirements must be met. KJ Law advises clients interested in opening a franchise, guiding them through the process and assisting with structuring, contract review, negotiations and sales.
  • Professional Malpractice Claims: Professionals across all types of occupations are held to a high standard of care and may face numerous legal consequences if accused of negligence or misconduct. KJ Law’s team of business lawyers in California assist professionals, including attorneys, accountants and engineers, with fighting professional malpractice claims.
  • Legacy Liability: From pension plans to medical insurance, KJ Law’s team advises employers regarding employee benefits and assists in restructuring existing policies to meet both the needs of the business and those of individual workers.

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