Contract Drafting & Negotiation

Experienced Business Lawyers Assisting Companies and Entrepreneurs With Complex Contract Matters

If you are starting a new business in California, hiring new employees or making a business deal, the robustness of your contracts will determine how well you are protecting during the process. Drafting a sound contract is an art in itself. Contract writers must anticipate possible disagreements and help clients avoid potential legal disputes. The clearer the contract is, the more likely the contract will protect both parties involved. Unfortunately, sometimes businesses and individuals cut corners when drafting contracts.

If you need a contract for a business, sale or other agreement, Kevin Jamison Law, PC is ready to assist you. KJ Law’s legal team can review any contracts that you have drafted to help you find weak points and revise them. We can also help you draft new contracts that will best protect your rights and interests. Schedule an appointment with our California business lawyers today by calling  (626) 314-1830.

Negotiating for Businesses Throughout California

Negotiating a deal can sometimes be one of the most difficult things a business owner or private person will do. Whether you are buying property, establishing a new business relationship or partnership, or working for new clients, or hiring new employees, you need to negotiate deals in a manner that protects your rights, benefits your interests, and ensures positive business relationships going forward. KJ Law’s team can help you negotiate your next big deal.

Different Contracts Mean Different Requirements: What Business Owners Should Know About Contract Drafting

The kind of wording you’ll need to have in an employment contract will differ from the wording required to make a business deal or sell property. Failing to properly word a contract can not only damage your business relationships, it can also cost you quite a bit of money down the line. While you may think you can use online templates or advice to draft a sound contract, it is important to understand that boilerplate language may not take your individual business or situation into account.

Every case is unique. To ensure the language on your contract is appropriate and safeguards you against possible claims, it is in your best interest to speak with a business lawyer in California who knows the laws, has experience drafting corporate or employment contracts and who has your best interests in mind.

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If you need help with a contract, Kevin Jamison, PC can assist you. From drafting a new contract to reviewing the scope of an existing agreement to modifying the specifications listed on an antiquated document, our firm can provide you with the resources, advice and legal counsel to protect your business and your rights. Call (626) 314-1830 today to schedule a free appointment. For your convenience, after-hours appointments and house calls are available.