Franchising & Licensing

California Business Lawyers Assisting Clients With Franchise Ventures

If you are a small business owner considering franchise development and franchise registration, it is important to be in compliance with federal or local regulations. It is equally important to protect your trade secrets and other legal rights to prevent the unlawful use of your products or business model. You have worked hard to develop a successful business. Naturally, you will want to establish a franchise in a proper manner to ensure that your interests are protected.

Kevin Jamison Law, PC can assist you with all aspects of franchise law, including franchise development, franchise registration, litigation, compliance with regulations, disclosure documents, trademark and distribution, trade secret and copyright licensing. Taking the next step in your business journey may be fraught with many unknowns. However, when you work with our experienced team of business lawyers in California, we can help you develop a roadmap to make the next phase of your business successful. Schedule a free consultation today to discuss your business ventures at (626) 314-1830.

What Is a Franchise?

Under a franchise, one business entity or group permits another business entity or group to distribute or sell goods and services under an established marketing plan or brand. During the franchising process, one entity is granted the right to use a trademark or brand identity. Franchises are governed by state and local laws, so it is important to ensure that you are in compliance with the law before establishing a franchise.

While establishing a franchise can be costly because it involves so many areas of the law, it is important to ensure your documents, finances and business proposal are properly set forth before delving into the acquisition of a new business venture. The KJ Law team takes the time to work with you and understand your franchising objectives. We will review your business needs and goals, determine what contracts and legal frameworks need to be in place to protect your rights and ensure that your franchise meets California legal requirements.

Consult With a California Business Lawyer to Ensure Your Business Interests Are Fully Protected

During times of growth, your business may be at its most vulnerable moment. Don’t lose money or time by trying to do it all yourself. Kevin Jamison, PC is here to assist you with your franchising and licensing needs. Schedule a free consultation today by calling (626) 314-1830. We look forward to assisting you and helping you bring your franchise goals to fruition.