Power of Attorney

Establishing a Power of Attorney in California: What You Need to Know

If you are in the process of estate planning, you might be thinking about writing a will or establishing a trust. However, a comprehensive estate plan will also include power of attorneys to ensure that your wishes are followed should you become incapacitated or become too ill to make decisions on your own behalf.

There are two types of power of attorneys: living wills, which are also known as advance health directives, and durable power of attorneys, or trusts. Kevin Jamison Law, PC understands how to draft advance health directives and durable power of attorneys that will be recognized by the courts. If you are in the process of estate planning, be thorough. Call a California estate planning attorney at our firm today at (626) 314-1830 to learn more about how you can protect your assets, your family and ensure that your medical wishes are honored.

What Is a Living Will?

A living will is a type of document that outlines your wishes regarding medical treatment. Should you be injured, or should you become so ill that you are unable to express your wishes regarding what kind of medical treatment you wish to receive, a living will is an important power of attorney that can ensure that your wishes are considered in the event of an emergency or illness.

A living will can tell doctors and your family whether you want them to resuscitate you should your heart stop. This document can also outline what kind of medical interventions are permitted. For example, do you want to be put on a ventilator? Are there certain types of medical procedures you’d want to avoid? A living will can make these wishes clear.

When living wills are not correctly drafted, they are not always honored by doctors or emergency personnel. It is important to get them right the first time. KJ Law’s team can draft a powerful living will that will be honored by medical professionals.

What Is a Durable Power of Attorney?

Should you become incapacitated or ill, you’ll need someone to oversee your finances and ensure that bills get paid and see that your assets and money are managed properly. With a durable power of attorney, you’ll name an executor to oversee your finances. In many cases, the executor will be a family member, though some individuals may choose to have a lawyer or other professional manage their finances should they become ill or incapacitated.

If you want to protect your assets, money, and property, it is important to have a durable power of attorney in place. Some individuals establish a trust instead of a durable power of attorney. The kind of

provisions you make for your assets and property will depend on your finances and your needs.

Learn About Your Options for Power of Attorney by Speaking With an Experienced California Estate Planning Attorney

Kevin Jamison Law, PC can help you understand the various options available to you and help you select the most appropriate method to protect your estate should you become sick, injured or ill. Call (626) 314-1830 or contact us online today to learn more about your options. For your convenience, house calls and after-hours appointments are available.