Divorce & Legal Separation

Helping Spouses and Their Loved Ones Cope With Divorce or Legal Separation in California

Filing for divorce or legal separation in California is never easy, especially when children are in the picture. Even the most amicable of spouses can have disagreements over how property will be divided, how custody of the children will be established. Tensions can run high when a marriage comes to an end and even when couples decide to take a break. It’s important to ensure that the choices made during this crucial time-period are carefully thought out and that everyone’s rights are protected.

As experienced California family law attorneys, the legal team at Kevin Jamison Law, PC fully understands exactly how delicate divorce and separate matters are. We bring compassion and patience to every family we assist to ensure any legal measures taken are in the best interest of every family member – especially children. If you are considering filing for divorce or legal separation from your spouse, KJ Law’s team will be by your side every step of the way, advocating for your rights and striving to ensure legal proceedings can resolve as quickly and peacefully as possible.

Legal Separation vs. Divorce

When spouses decide to take some time apart but are not quite ready to file for divorce, they may choose to file for legal separation. Legal separation is a formal court decision and allows a couple to live separately while also remaining married. Spouses who make the decision to legally separate must also come to an agreement regarding child custody, division of property and other important matters.

Unlike legal separation, a divorce decree ends the marriage entirely. Prior to filing for divorce in California, one spouse must be a resident of the state for at least six months (or 180 days). Because California is a no-fault state, spouses can seek separation or divorce based solely on irreconcilable differences.

Steps Involved in Legal Separation and Divorce in California

The steps involved in filing for either legal separation or divorce in California are similar. First, Form FL-100 must be filed. The form provides an option for either legal separation or divorce. A family law attorney can help spouses with the process of filling out the form. For spouses with children under 18 years of age, Form FL-105/GC-120, Declaration Under Uniform Child Custody. Jurisdiction And Enforcement Act (UCCJEA) must also be completed if parents cannot agree on child custody and visitation agreements, and would like the court to make a decision.

Considering Filing for Divorce or Legal Separation? Contact Experienced California Family Law Attorneys

Oftentimes, spouses reach an impasse when attempting to figure out whether they should file for legal separation or divorce. A California family law attorney can assist couples with this life-changing decision to make sure the path that best suits their individual needs – and those of their loved ones – is taken. The legal team at KJ Law has extensive experience in both legal separation and divorce proceedings, and will help you determine the most appropriate course of action. Schedule a consultation today by calling (626) 314-1830 or submitting an online request. For your convenience, house calls and after-hours appointments are available.