Construction Accidents

Helping Premises Owners, Contractors and Sub-Contractors Defend Construction Accident Claims

Many buildings have defects, either in the design, inferior material selection, or poor installation of the materials. Usually, these problems these problems go unnoticed and get worse, in locations of the house not commonly accessed – in the wall, crawl space or rafters. Other times the problems with building are noticed during construction and cause a delay in completion. These delays or later discovered problems can severely impact your business, home or investment. Regardless of the nature, causes, or extent of building defects, the attorneys at KJ Law can assist you in identification of the defects, preparation of a plan to resolve the defects, including taking necessary action in court. 

Kevin Jamison Law, PC also defends builders, general contractors and sub-contractors. Claims of defect can wipe a company out, due to the potential defense and award at trial. KJ Law has close to a decade of experience in construction defect claims, focusing on limiting the number of claims, attorney fees and ultimate settlement or risk of verdict. As experienced personal injury lawyers in California, we understand the serious consequences that can stem from claims associated with construction accidents and claims of construction defect. Let us advocate to protect your interests.